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Platte River Injury Law

Are you looking for personal injury lawyer near you? Any lawyer can take care of the legal nuts and bolts of a case. But most lawyers never move beyond this basic focus. To them, a client is a case file that represents an incoming payment. They will work to try to get a favorable outcome, but that is all they consider a client to be: work. At Platte River Injury Law, located in Wyoming, we understand that our clients are people and that they only come to work with us because they are experiencing a hard moment in their lives.

As personal injury lawyers, we know that our clients would rather not have to work with us in the first place because it means they have recently suffered an injury due to another party’s negligence. Truck accidents, car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian accidents are just a few of the reasons that clients come through our doors in the first place. When they do, they want to be seen and understood as human beings, not as a case number. Oftentimes our clients have suffered from medical malpractice and they already feel like they have been betrayed by those they looked to for help. We don’t want to repeat the same mistakes their doctors did.

We also work with clients who are looking for oilfield lawyers to represent them because of injuries they suffered through their workplaces. This represents another way that they had been betrayed, this time by an employer. We often deal with accidents that are serious enough to have caused the wrongful death of one of our clients’ loved ones.

To treat somebody going through such a hard time as anything less than a brave and resilient human being would be nearly criminal and Platte River Injury Law would never be so crass as to treat a client with anything but the utmost respect while we fight to get them the compensation they deserve.