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Vicki Coward

Beacon Group, LLC

Vicki Coward

Beacon Group provides Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Counselors and facilitator professionals trained in attempting resolution of discrimination allegations throughout all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Commonwealths. Our cadre of over 100 certified mediators offer a full array of mediation and ADR services to support agencies, ADR and EEO programs, including program administration, data collection, back-office support, data analysis and reporting assistance. 

Beacon Group provides Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Ombudsman, Facilitation and Conflict Management services to Federal, State, Local agencies and the private sector for many types of issues such as:

  • Workplace
  • Employment
  • Business
  • Housing
  • Family

In 2003, when Beacon Group was founded by Vicki Coward-Rosen, our principals developed the essential vision for our business – centering around integrity and service quality rather than profit. This vision is what guides the company today and every day. When you partner with Beacon Group, you are working with a company that is:

Ethically Distinctive – Integrity is the most valuable character trait an individual or company can possess. We conduct ourselves at all times with honesty and consideration in our dealings with people both inside and outside of the company.

Service Focused – Self-imposed standards of excellence reflected in the quality of our services are central to our reputation. Services also are elements of the corporation that endure.

Client Driven – Our success is directly tied to providing our clients what they have paid for and have a right to expect as defined by the contract. The client’s agenda must be our agenda.

Employee Oriented – Our primary assets are the creativity, persistence, intelligence and versatility of our employees. The work culture must support and encourage this extremely valuable “capital” which is found only in our people, and without which there are neither clients nor services.

Cost Competitive – Cost consciousness is not only a good business practice – particularly in these times of government and corporate downsizing – it also reflects prudent control of taxpayer dollars. Even in a best value environment, cost is often the tiebreaker


  • Cornell University ILR School, Certified Mediator, Employment Law Mediator Training, 2014
  • District of Columbia School of Law, Doctor of Law – JD, Law, 1994
  • Howard University, Bachelor of Arts – BA, Communication and Media Studies, Business Administration