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Aaron Erb

Aaron Erb

Business Name: Just Mediations Pittsburgh
Phone: 412-228-0730

Aaron is a community mediator and restorative justice practitioner committed to transforming conflict through mediation, restorative justice dialogue, and trauma resiliency from a racial equity lens.

With a Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding in Harrisonburg, VA, Aaron came to Pittsburgh in 2016 to practice restorative justice, first with the Center for Victims’ Victim Offender Dialogue program and then with the Center on Race and Social Problems’ Just Discipline Project at the University of Pittsburgh.

In Spring of 2020 Aaron joined the founding efforts for Just Mediation Pittsburgh, an organization that harnesses community mediation as a tool to prevent evictions by mediating landlord-tenant disputes. Aaron currently serves as JMP’s Executive Director and lives in Wilkinsburg, PA.

Over the years, Aaron has nurtured a range of partnerships with:

  • Community Organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Legal system shareholders
  • Educational Entities

At Just Mediation Pittsburgh:

  • Mediation is a free, confidential, voluntary process in which a neutral mediator helps people find solutions to their housing dispute
  • Provides an alternative to court and allows you to solve your problems rather than a judge
  • Mediations are conducted over a videoconference and are scheduled at a time that is as convenient for you
  • Mediation allows for your voice to be heard and gives you an equal share in shaping the outcome

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