Mediator's Profile

Dennis Fitzgerald

Business Name: Excalibur Arbitration & Mediation LLC

As a family and business mediator, Dennis Fitzgerald helps disputants resolve issues outside the courtroom to a swifter, calmer settlement agreement, so they can move on with their businesses and/or lives. Areas of focus are Divorce, Family, Business Partnership Disputes and Contract disputes.

Dennis also has extensive experience with Investigation and evaluation of case evidence for all forms of civil cases. Dennis also spent years working appointed cases for the defense to insure that defendants received quality representation, providing counsel with accurate case information.

For the past two decades he’s been in the Investigation and Security industry in Galveston Texas and has performed services for:

  •     Private parties
  •     Law firms
  •     Governmental agencies (city, state and federal)
  •     The Port of Galveston
  •     Marine operations
  •     Cruise ships
  •     Military facilities

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