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Jill Arntz

Business Name: Arntz Law Firm
Phone: 713-806-2794

Jill Arntz is a certified mediator with forty hours Interactive Basic Mediation Training, including transformative and problem solving skills, in conformance with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures Act, §154.052 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

Additionally, Jill has completed thirty hours interactive classroom Advanced Mediation training in the fields of family dynamics and violence, including in domestic violence, as required by Texas Statute, as well as Elder and Adult Care Mediation, with twenty hours interactive classroom Elder and Adult Care Mediation training in family dynamics, aging, capacity and case studies.

Jill is also certified in Arbitration, as well as a Parent Coordinator/Parent Facilitator, including domestic violence and ethics.

Jill assist individuals with estate planning; represent individuals in estate administrations, independent and dependent; represent individuals in contested probate matters; represent petitioners/movants and respondents in family law matters; counsel small business owners in business formation, contract negotiation and litigation; court appointments in estate administrations, civil litigation and tax cases. Handle all aspects of legal matters; handle all aspects of business, including business development, administrative tasks and office management.

Areas of Focus

  • Civil
  • Estate
  • Family

Licenses & Certifications

  • Advanced Mediation, Manousso Mediation & Arbitration LLC, 2019
  • Arbitration, Manousso Mediation & Arbitration LLC, 2019
  • Elder and Adult Family Mediation, Manousso Mediation & Arbitration LLC, 2019
  • Basic Mediation, Manousso Mediation & Arbitration LLC, 2019

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