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Lamar Pickard

Lamar Pickard

Business Name: The Pickard Law Firm, PLLC
Phone: 601-894-3311

Lamar Pickard is one of the most experienced attorneys in the state of Mississippi. Serving longer than any other Circuit Judge in the history of Copiah County, Lamar Pickard has invested decades to the practice and study of the law. Whether you are looking for an experienced attorney or a qualified mediator, there is no one that understands the ins and outs of our legal system like Lamar Pickard does.

As a Lawyer

Pickard’s knowledge of the law, paired with nearly 40 years of legal experience means you can confidently trust Lamar Pickard as your attorney. He understands that you are coming to him during a time of need, and he will represent you and stand by you with compassion and understanding, fighting on your behalf.

As a Mediator

Not every case needs to go to trial, and Lamar Pickard can help you eliminate the lengthy and costly process of one. You can trust him as your mediator to provide guidance and a resolution.

Depending upon what is at stake, both parties may elect to forgo a court trial and choose instead to use mediation. Lamar Pickard is a qualified mediator, having served as a judge for 24 years. He is also credentialed and certified in mediation by the Mississippi Bar Association and can offer an efficient process for attorneys seeking an agreeable settlement.

Lamar served for 24 years as the 22nd Circuit Court District. Today, his experience and knowledge of the long helps his clients get the settlements they deserve.

Lamar is a graduate of Mississippi College and the University of Mississippi School of Law, and was elected Circuit Judge in 1994 and began serving in January of 1995. Prior to serving as Circuit Judge, he maintained a private practice in Hazlehurst.

Lamar then re-opened his practice to continue to serve and guide clients in the area of:

  • Personal injury
  • Products Liability
  • Wrongful Death

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