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Latrice Chaney

Business Name: ADR Office of L. Marie Chaney

Mrs. Chaney is an experienced civil and domestic mediator that serves the state of Alabama, and has experience in a variety of Civil matters and was involved in some of the most innovative and sophisticated cases in the state.

Whether you need divorce filing, protection order assistance, have a landlord/tenant issue, a business dispute, or handling a court order mediation, our team of highly skilled neutrals will be there every step of the way.

The ADR Office of L. Marie Chaney focuses their mediation practice on:

  •     Divorce Mediation
  •     Family Mediation
  •     Visitation issues
  •     Custody and support issues
  •     Property division
  •     Business disputes
  •     Landlord/Tenant disputes
  •     Community disputes


  •     Univ. of Alabama Birmingham  BSW

Recent ADR Courses

  •     Divorce & Family Mediation, 40hrs, Mediation CLE, 2021
  •     Domestic Violence in Divorce & Family Mediation, 14hrs, Mediation CLE, 2021
  •     General Civil Mediation, 24hrs,Mediation CLÉ,2021

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