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Linda Gryczan

Business Name: Mediation Works

Whether you are facing divorce, or in a workplace dispute, Linda Gryczan can help you remove the burden of long standing conflict and help you move through your differences to create cooperative, long lasting agreements that work.

More than 75% of cases reach a fair and equitable agreement. Linda is Past President of the Montana Mediation Association, and is a Certified Mediator with Family Designation which means that she has been approved by the Montana professional association to mediate for families, divorce and parenting plans.

She is an Advanced Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and The Academy of Professional Family Mediators, two national professional associations. Linda is a pro bono mediator for Montana Legal Services Association, helping divorced and never married parents agree on how to raise their children together in separate households. She was chosen by the First Judicial District Bar Association as a 2010 Pro Bono Mediator of the Year.

Linda has facilitated consensus decision making for more than 40 years in a variety of organizations. As a board chair she helped groups of people with opposing opinions, come to consensus on many issues. Linda says, “Helping Republicans and Democrats reach consensus on tax policy, was great practice for mediating divorce.”

Since 2007, Linda has done hundreds of mediations and facilitations for: 

  •   Couples
  •   Families
  •   Workplaces
  •   Organizations

Linda is dedicated to continuing education, attending workshops from nationally recognized trainers. Some highlights: 

  •   Family Dynamics and Montana law from Bozeman Community Mediation    Center
  •   Advanced Divorce Mediation from Jim Melamed & Montana Mediators
  •   Mediating in cases of domestic violence from Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  •   Restorative justice and victim offender dialog from Common Quest Mediation
  •   Facilitating community dialog about hotbutton social issues from the Public Conversation Project

Divorce & Parenting Plans

Linda takes you through the entire divorce process using easy to use forms and guide you through drafting a parenting plan, deciding how to raise children in separate households. Even in the face of strong emotions, Linda keeps you focused on your mutual love for your children, while you agree on what is best.

Property Settlement

Rich, poor or in between, Linda guides divorcing couples through a complete property settlement, helping you divide assets and debts, often working with a financial advisor to divide retirement, lower taxes and keep the most income within your family.

Updating Parenting Plans

If you are having difficulty updating your parenting plan, come in for a quick tune-up. Linda can help you settle the issue at hand, and develop a framework for solving future disagreements.

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