Mediator's Profile

Linda Kalaydjian

Business Name: Linda Kalaydjian Mediation Services

Ms. Linda Kalaydjian spent 17 years in Criminal Justice (medium security prison LEAA Program) and Law Enforcement before becoming involved in mediation. While a Community Service Officer in Southern California, Linda was trained in transformative mediation to participate in a very powerful program: the Centinela Valley Juvenile Justice program, working with first and second offenders.

Since 2004, Linda has been a Florida Certified Family Mediator.  She enjoys bringing disputing parties to resolution so each can feel, among other things, empowered and heard, therefore transformed.


  • Cornell University, BS in Human Development
  • Emerson College, Master of Arts
  • Center for Dispute Resolution, Santa Monica, CA
  • Pepperdine University Mediation Seminars

Areas of Focus

  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Workplace Issues
  • Pre-trial
  • Community

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