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Liz Cutbirth

Business Name: Liz Cutbirth Mediation

Growing up in the Ozark Mountains, Liz Cutbirth embraces the heritage of her roots and knows the Ozarks like the back of her hand. Her family farm is three generations deep and has instilled in her the blue-collar principles of hard work and persistence, giving her the determination to achieve anything worthwhile.

When Liz works with clients, her goal is to help each person better understand the conflicts they are experiencing, and support them in working efficiently to develop long-lasting resolutions. She sees her work as a mediator as an opportunity to bring her knowledge of psychology, the law, and mediation together, and assist individuals to find effective solutions that work for them. Mediation is a private, confidential, and flexible process in which a neutral professional mediator helps people communicate more effectively so they can work to resolve issues that are causing conflict.

As a mediator, Liz is trained to assist people in conflict by using a structured process in which she helps everyone talk about their issues, needs, interests, and concerns. Mediators are neutral and do not take sides or impose solutions – instead she supports all parties to understand each other and work together to find mutually acceptable solutions to their conflicts.

Mediation offers a number of benefits for participants, including the following:

  • Confidential: Everyone in a mediation signs a confidentiality agreement, which allows the process to be private. This privacy encourages parties to be more open and fosters a productive environment for the development of creative resolutions to conflicts.
  • Efficient: Mediations can be scheduled quickly, allowing for fast resolutions to conflicts.
  • Cost-effective: Mediation services are far less expensive than traditional litigation.
  • Flexible: Mediation is a flexible, informal process that can be adapted to meet the needs of parties, in order to encourage a cooperative approach to creative conflict resolution.
  • Effective: Because these resolutions are voluntary and satisfactory to all parties, they tend to be long-lasting and effective.


  • Belmont University, Bachelor’s degree, Psychology and Religion, 2017
  • Drury University, Political Science and Government, 2010

Licenses & Certifications

  • Associate Member, Center for Dispute Resolution
  • Associate Member, Association of Missouri Mediators, Inc
  • Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17 and 88 Certified Training in Civil and Family/Domestic Mediation, Missouri State University
  • Member of the ACA: American Counseling Association

Areas of Focus

  • Business
  • Contract
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Education
  • Elder
  • Family
  • Divorce
  • Personal Injury

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