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Margaret Altizer

Business Name: Avid Mediation

Margaret Altizer is a New York-trained mediator in community mediation, small claims court mediation, family mediation, divorce mediation, and child permanency mediation, and she has practiced mediation in a variety of settings for more than a decade. Margaret, of Avid Mediation provides mediation services in the area of:

  •   Family
  •   Divorce
  •   Parent planning (child custody)
  •   Elder care
  •   Pro Se Divorce (without attorneys)

Recently, after retiring and returning to her native Texas, Margaret gained training in pro se divorce mediation, child protective services, custody mediation, and elder care mediation, and is a member of The Texas Association of Mediators.

Margaret’s spent many hours volunteering in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Centers in Texas, and with her work in New York, she spent more than 100 hours mediating in the courts in Ronkonkoma and Southold through her work with the Long Island Conflict and Dispute Resolution Center.

Recently retired from education, Margaret is available to work with you to meet your family’s goals. Whether you are in Texas or New York, Margaret is available and can meet through zoom or in person in my Austin, Texas, office, depending on your preference.


  •   The University of Alabama, Master’s Degree, Journalism, 1990

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