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Meredith Schmid

Business Name: Schmid Law Offices
Phone: 207-337-6040

At Schmid Law Offices, your concerns are our concerns.  Meredith Schmid has an active practice in criminal law and family law matters. She is a skilled, knowledgeable mediator who will listen to the disputing parties and as their neutral, will help guide the parties to a resolution. Meredith focuses her mediation practice on family matters and other civil law issues related to:

  • Divorce / Family
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support & Visitation
  • Elder Issues
  • Community/Neighborhood
  • Probate/Estate

Mediation is an informal process that allows you to retain control over your dispute and design your own solutions. It is voluntary, and parties are not required to reach a resolution, but any agreements will be mutually acceptable and may be more favorable to both parties than a court order.

Working with a mediator to find a path through your dispute can save significant time, money, and future relationships. The Mediator acts as an impartial facilitator to assist the parties to reach agreement in a collaborative, consensual and informed manner.


  • George Mason University – Antonin Scalia Law School, J.D.
  • Penn State University, Bachelor’s Degree, International Politics

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