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Molly Gallagher

Business Name: Molly Gallagher Mediation

Mediation is an opportunity for an enhanced conversation about issues that the clients want to discuss. The process of mediation can help clients gain clarity about themselves, their situation, and each other. It may also allow them an opportunity to arrive at a mutually agreed upon decision.

Molly is a neutral third party who is ready to listen and support each person during the mediation. She will provide a professional environment with the intention of allowing each party to successfully navigate their situations. The Mediator’s role, as a neutral is to help support each person throughout their conversation during mediation, which allows for more control over the outcome of their decisions, and can help to save money in legal fees.

Areas of Focus

  • Divorce
  • Family
  • Parenting disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Workplace conflict
  • Real estate affairs
  • Farm succession planning

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