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Patrick Marsolek

Business Name: Inner Workings Resources
Phone: 406-443-3439

Mediation can help you achieve a more connective, empowered solution by resolving conflicts and restoring relationships through Mediation.

Patrick Marsolek is a professionally trained mediator with a focus on Facilitative mediation and an extensive background in communications, he listens and has a therapeutic understanding of individuals. Patrick can assist in solving a wide range of challenging  situations with compassion, clarity and efficiency. He helps guide individuals towards clarity of their goals while helping them to move towards an open exchange of ideas to come to a mutual understanding and agreement.

Mediation is an informal process, where Patrick neutrally guides parties to express themselves, to hear others and move through conflict.

Areas of Focus:

Family Mediation

  •     Divorce / Legal separation
  •     Child custody
  •     Child support
  •     Elder care
  •     Family business disputes
  •     Wills and Estate disputes

Workplace Mediation

  •     Communication challenges
  •     Discrimination
  •     Harassment
  •     Workplace Boundaries
  •     Contract Negotiations
  •     Management Training

Group facilitation

  •     Community associations
  •     Small organizations
  •     Churches
  •     Clubs

Cost for mediation is always less expensive than for litigation, and the outcome with mediation is more forward-looking, leaving parties with a more mutual understanding on how to work better together in the future.  By contrast, a litigated divorce is typically much more expensive financially, both monetarily, and in terms of emotional, physical and spiritual costs, which can permanently damage families, businesses and organizations.


  • 22 years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Montana, 17 years teaching classes on Nonviolent communication and facilitating Communication trainings for businesses, 5 years as a volunteer mediator for the Community Dispute Resolution Center in Missoula working with the Justice and District court.

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