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Sally Plone

Business Name: MCFM Certified Mediator
Phone: 617-593-7344

Sally Plone is a family and divorce mediator and licensed mental health counselor. Sally brings over 30 years of experience in parent coaching, divorce coaching, and therapy services throughout the Watertown and Peabody, Massachusetts areas. Sally has taught at the graduate level at Lesley University, and served as the Clinical Director with Residential & Family Treatment.

As a divorce mediator, Sally mediates family conflicts of all kinds, such as divorce, co-parenting and custody disputes. She helps families navigate the process with dignity and mutual respect, so they can be the best co-parents possible for their children.

Divorce doesn’t mean that somebody has to win and someone has to lose. As a mediator, she will work with you to create that win-win so both parties can move forward with their lives without the contention of litigation.

Winning in a divorce can mean:

  • Maintaining a sense of family and friends for your children and yourselves,
  • Navigating the process with dignity and respect
  • Being able to conduct the “business” of divorce without reenacting the emotions and dynamics of the marriage,
  • Finding emotional and practical closure that allows you both to create a happier future for yourselves


  • Lesley University, Brandeis University, MA, BA

Areas of Focus

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Family Mediation
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Child & Family Therapy
  • Parent Coaching

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