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William Baldridge

Business Name: Baldridge Mediation Service

While attending Regent University School of Law, a statement from R.A. Baruch and J.P. Folger, “Words of the Wise”, became my Mediation mission statement:

“We have come to believe that mediation’s greatest value lies in its potential not only to find solutions to people’s problems but also to change people themselves for the better, in the very midst of conflict. Time and again, we have seen people change in small but significant way through their participation in this process. These changes occur because, through mediation, people find ways to avoid succumbing to conflict’s most destructive pressures: to act from weakness rather than strength and to de-humanize rather than acknowledge each other.”

Selection of an attorney, the emotional rollercoaster of the divorce process, the huge cost to litigate and the uncertainty of your family’s future in the hands of a family court judge. Unmarried parents must make important decisions that affect the family and their children for years to come.

Baldridge Mediation offers clients an opportunity to work together in finding a solution through the mediation process so they may control their family’s destiny. Baldridge Mediation assists clients with family issues in the areas of:

  •   Divorce Settlement Agreement
  •   Parental Responsibility
  •   Child Custody
  •   Parenting Plan
  •   Child Support
  •   Relocation of a Parent
  •   Property division
  •   Distribution of Debts and Liability
  •   Children visitation plan
  •   Spousal support

Education & Certifications

  •   Florida Mediation Training, Certificate, Florida Supreme Court Certified as a Family & Circuit Mediator
  •   Regent University School of Law, M.A. in Law -ADR/Mediation, Mediation, 2020
  •   University of Phoenix, Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services, 2010
  •   Association For Conflict Resolution Florida Chapter of Association Of Family And Conciliation Courts , Certificate, Elder Justice Initiative On Eldercaring Coordination Eldercaring Coordinator Training
  •   Mediation Training Network, Certificate, Elder Law Mediation and Shared Family Decision Making Training
  •   Florida Mediation Training, Certificate, Circuit Court Mediation
  •   Florida Mediation Training, Certificate, Family Mediation


  •   American Bar Association
  •   The Association of South Florida Mediators and Arbitrators
  •   Florida Academy Professional Mediators
  •   Academy of Professional Family Mediators

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