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Christine Dodd

Business Name: Dodd Mediation

Ms. Christine Dodd is a trained, certified and experienced mediator who acts as a neutral to resolve dispute. Christine is an impartial facilitator who guides folks through conversations designed to explore conflict and create effective solutions reflective of the parties collective needs.

Legal and pre-suit claims can be mediated, and through a complimentary fifteen minute consultation, we can determine if mediation is a good fit for your situation.

Why Mediate:

Personal Control: Parties maintain control of the outcome. Rather than leaving it to the courts to decide, parties are a part of the discussions and work through the mediation process to develop their own solution.

Cost Savings: Using mediation avoids the expense of litigation, which includes attorney fees, expert witness fees, appellate costs, and more.

Time Savings: Disputes can be settled promptly, without the delay of the court process or the lengthy trials. A mediation session may be scheduled as soon as both parties agree, or are ordered to use mediation to try to resolve the dispute.

Voluntary & Non-Binding: Mediation is not intended to replace the judicial system, but instead to function as an aid to the system. Parties who do not get the results they want in mediation have the right to proceed with traditional trial and appeal procedures.

Reduced Emotional Trauma: Litigation is adversarial, and often litigants are better off not having to deal with the emotional strain and pressure of protracted litigation. Mediation affords a means of resolving disputes in an atmosphere which is less hostile and adversarial than a courtroom, and has the potential to reduce the tension between parties to allow for an easier relationship once the case is settled.


  •     University of Idaho, Doctor of Law – JD, Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2015
  •     Boise State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 2011
  •     School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1995

Licenses & Certifications

  •      Family, Civil, and Domestic Violence Certifications, Mediation CLE, 2021
  •     Teaching Mediation, Mediation CLE, 2021
  •     Family, Civil, and Criminal Mediation Certifications, Northwest Institute for
  •    Dispute  Resolution, 2015
  •     Cross-Cultural Conflict and Dispute Resolution, NW Institute for Dispute  Resolution
  •    Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, 2014

Areas of Practice

  •     Parenting Plans
  •     Divorce
  •     Family
  •     Contract
  •     Business
  •     Commercial
  •     Employment
  •     Landlord/Tenant

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