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Cynthia Sandoval

Business Name: Ares Law Group, P.C.

Cynthia Sandoval is a neutral who has dedicated her entire career to employment law and offers a unique perspective.  Ms. Sandoval has resolved numerous disputes, from single plaintiff matters to large class action and PAGA claims.  In addition to her private mediation practice, Ms. Sandoval also serves on the Mediation Panel of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, where she leads its Mediation Practice Group,  and as a volunteer mediator for the California Civil Rights Department.

Ms. Sandoval honed her knowledge of employment law during her more than 27 years practicing.  Ms. Sandoval’s experience is varied and wide.  During her tenure with Jackson Lewis, P.C., one of the country’s preeminent employment defense firms, Ms. Sandoval was an Equity Shareholder in the firm, representing employers from small family-owned businesses to large fortune 500 and 100 companies.

Ms. Sandoval also enjoyed a significant advice and counsel practice which provided her with a deep understanding of more detail driven employment law issues, such as those associated with wage and hour and disability and pregnancy leaves and accommodations.  Ms. Sandoval also has experience as in-house counsel, serving as the Senior Vice President–Associate General Counsel of a nationwide employer with over 10,000 employees.  In this capacity, Ms. Sandoval supervised outside counsel on both litigation and administrative matters, advised internal business partners on a wide variety of employment matters and participated in mediation and other proceedings as the business representative.

Additionally, Ms. Sandoval regularly advised C-Suite executives on issues of significant impact to the organization.  More recently, Ms. Sandoval has served as a partner at a boutique plaintiffs employment law firm, where she represented employees in both federal and state courts.

The combination of these experiences and perspectives distinguishes Ms. Sandoval as a mediator, allowing her to better appreciate and relate to the positions each participant brings to the mediation process to help drive resolution.

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