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Issac Harper

Business Name: IREAF, LLC
Phone: 512-203-2245

For more than twenty years, Mr. Issac W. Harper has been a leader in North and Central Texas’ personal insurance and residential real estate market, developing a significant following among both homebuyers and sellers throughout Central Texas. Issac’s real estate expertise extends far beyond that of a broker as Issac provides invaluable market intelligence. Throughout his career he has built strong relationships and have been recognized as a highly dependable advocate for his clients.





Through that advocation for his clients and his acumen in Real Estate and business transactions, the adding of mediation as a service was a natural fit as Issac served his community.  Mediation is a process that can be used to resolve different types of disputes.  More importantly, the goal of mediation is to prevent the matter from being tied up in the courts for an unnecessary period of time, or to minimize the expense of a litigated matter, or to help the disputing parties be a part of the solution so they can move forward with their businesses or lives.

Types of mediation:

  •     Consumer Mediation
  •     Real Estate disputes
  •     Discrimination Mediation
  •     Estate Planning and Family Mediation
  •     Landlord / Tenant Mediation
  •     Business / Commercial disputes


Southwest Texas State University, 1991

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