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Lynette Kim

Business Name: Kim Mediation and Law Center, APLC
Phone: 213-351-1000

The legal system is packed with complex issues but rarely do areas of the judicial system elicit as much emotion as what’s seen in family law. This area deals with issues like child custody, divorce, domestic violence, and property division. Such situations often arise as a consequence of failed relationships — which are already emotional by nature. Unfortunately, this frequently results in combative disagreements that end up in the adversarial environment of the courtroom.

It is here at Kim Mediation and Law Center where Lynette Kim, a dedicated family law attorney with more than 25 years of experience, has seen just how challenging these cases can be. She strives to help her clients reach an outcome without the stress of litigation. While coming to any type of agreement with a former partner may seem impossible right now, a family law practice that focuses on cooperative approaches to the law may be able to help. In doing so, you’ll have far more control over any eventual outcome than you would by letting a judge make decisions.

Whether you’re facing significant child custody disagreements or simply want to figure out the best way to divide property, taking a cooperative approach to family law is ideal. By going this route, you’re taking control out of the hands of the state. You and your former partner understand your situation better than anyone else, so how could a judge with limited knowledge of your situation, make major life decisions?

We offer two forms of the cooperative legal process at Kim Mediation and Law Center. Either gain access to a skilled mediator, a process that involves sitting down with your former spouse and a neutral third party to reach a beneficial outcome. With the collaborative approach, you’ll have your own attorney who is trained in the working directly with your spouse’s lawyer. Collaborative family law attorneys take a cooperative approach while still looking out for each of their client’s individual interests.


  • Western State College of Law, Doctor of Law (J.D.), Law
  • University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Comparative Literature


  • Beginning & Advanced Mediation Training, Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA)
  • Basic Family Law Training, Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association LACFLA)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Woody Mosten
  • Mediation Training, Ken Cloke
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training, Gary Friedman

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