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Maureen Reilly

Business Name: Beacon Mediation Group

Divorce is one of the most difficult of life events. Upon learning that a marriage is ending, parties may feel sad, anxious, angry or overwhelmed.  Life as they knew it is changing and they don’t know what to do when encountering the legal process and court.  Studies have shown that the traditional adversarial approach to resolving a divorce exacerbates and fuels the negative feelings and adds to the stress of the situation. Litigating a divorce can be very expensive, leave the parties assets depleted, take years to resolve, and wreak havoc on the children.

Mediation provides an alternative to litigation by allowing the parties to be a part of the solution with the help of a third party neutral, rather than allowing the court to decide the outcome. A mediator assists the parties to identify the issues, develop a plan and produce an agreement which will be acceptable to the parties in dispute, as well as the court. Beacon Mediation Group is comprised of a group of trained divorce mediators who are qualified to assist families come to decisions that best suit their needs in the areas of:

  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Parenting time

Maureen Reilly is the founder of Beacon Mediation Group. She has been an attorney for over 30 years and is a trained divorce mediator. Ms. Reilly received her undergraduate degree from Siena College, her law degree from Boston University School of Law and was trained as a divorce mediator at MWI in Boston, Massachusetts and the Center for Mediation and Training in New York, New York.

Maureen is on the family law mediation panel in the Norfolk Probate Court, and is a member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (MCFM) and the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York (FDMC). She has offices in Boston and New York City and assists families throughout New York and Massachusetts.

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